Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Merriweather Post Pavillion

Ok, so I haven't been one of the lucky few able to listen to the final-result 9th Animal Collective album. But, I have been listening to these live videos of their performances via youtube!

'In The Flowers'

'My Girls'

'Also Frightened'

'Summertime Clothes'

'Daily Routine'

'Bluish' 'Guy's Eyes' - couldn't find these.


'Lion In A Coma'

'No More Runnin''


Yeah, that's it, make your mind up for yourselves. Lazy fuckers. It's out January the 12th in the U.K. on Domino.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

new year's, smoo years.

Free Stuff =

iTunes are giving away a free gift every day from yesterday to Jan 6th - go to the iTunes store and have a look for yourself. You might as well, it's free.

Head on down to Pure Groove's site to download 100 mp3s for free. And they're all super-duper.

Friday, 26 December 2008

It has been too long

I have had to spend the holiday season restricted in the fucking wilderness. It has really rammed home a point for me.

Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Douster Remix)
Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Kid Cola Remix)


20JazzFunkGreats (music blog people who are all raconteur-ic (neologism?) writing-about-music heroes) are writing for Vice now. Clickez ici!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

i love the winter

Credit: Emmy's Myspace.
I love winter. Mostly because I'm not a grumpy git.

Here is the soundtrack to your Christmas. Emmy The Great. This is the kind of music you should listen to when your heating is broken and you haven't got enough covers and the crappy little decorations are all falling off the fake silver plastic tree you bought from Morrisons and you're developing S.A.D. and thinking about all the vets in Lithuania killing themselves.

Emmy The Great is great. The lyrics she pours out are absolutely beautiful. I went up to her after the Pure Groove gig a couple of days ago to tell her this:
Me: You were great.
Me: Your lyrics are really beautiful.
Emmy: Yeah well the ones I can remember [she sang a cover and forgot the lyrics]. Wow I like your coat!
Me: Oh thanks - my boyfriend says I look like a packet of Fruit Pastels...
Emmy: Yeah, you do kinda look like a Fruit Pastel lolly, but like in a good way!

Emmy The Great - Easter Parade
Emmy The Great - Where Is My Mind

Monday, 22 December 2008

Came across this today

Don Rimini - Rave On (DJ Barletta Edit)

Seeing as people are loving any thing Barletta does and Don Rimini is sick, I thought I would wack it straight up. A full Rimini post is in the pipeline, just way to lazy, and I think my computer has G.R.I.D.S so it's harder than it should be.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Another one of these

From The BPA's Myspace

The BPA is running a remix contest. Get involved and send us your results.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

I hate the winter

From Matt & Kims Myspace

This shimmery piece of happiness landed in our mailbox the other day. It's really helping me forget that it's winter and freezing cold.

Matt & Kim - Daylight (Yukon Ho Remix)

Saturday, 13 December 2008

technotechnotechno - synesthesia special!

haha. good tee. wastedgermanyouth

I like minimal. Minimal is fun. What makes minimal even more fun for me is because I'm special and have synesthesia (yeah it applies to words and letters too, with colours and genders). So, basically, I automatically visualise the music in a running reel of mutating, convulsing shapes and forms, and minimal techno forms the most interesting patterns and visualisations for me (along with noise rock, other music with complex structures, and singular raw sounds). So that's how I'm going to describe my favourite minimal techno! (i.e. rambling like a mentalist)

Theodor Zox - Extruder (Maetrik Remix) (Tiefschwarz Fabric)
The sounds here are like schizophrenic ping-pong balls seeking out other notes like dogs sniffing your balls for hidden pieces of crack, and then whilst you're visualising tat image, someone comes along and half wipes it off with a wave of an echasketch over your mind.

GummiHz - A.A.K.N.Y. ( Tiefschwarz Fabric again...but it's just so motherlickin' good!)
In lateral terms, this is impossibly hard to describe in terms of visualisations, but I see it as four levels of visualisations for the different sounds laid on top of one another like tracing paper. In linear terms, it's a pulsating ping-pong beat that makes me want to dance like an Egyptian. There's something Egyptian about it! There is! I'm not insane!

Mark-Henning - Sicknote
(from M.A.N.D.Y. fabric)
The best intro ever. M.A.N.D.Y. are amazing, their Fabric cd is incredible for minimal heads. Visualising this is like trying to understand an M.C Escher work, but lacking the stillness of the drawing - it's as if all the parts were moving all the time. Listening to this is incredibly distracting.

Ziggy Kinder - Chop Ziggy
It's like someone rewinding a chinese musical box, and then throwing chimes into deep water, and you're like "WHAT IS GOING ON"

Credit: I stole this image off Google Images. If you're pissed, let me know. If this image is of you - please tell me, how did it happen?

It - Woman In The Toilet (Stefan Goldmann Macro Version)
This would be really distracting to walk to because you'd match the beat if you were listening to it through headphones, then you'd get the i'm-wearing-new-shoes kind of anxious. Again, in terms of abstract-visualisations-ness, it would look like you're looking head-on down a slinky, and somebody at the other end is pushing it towards and away from your face, and this is causing the round shape of the slinky to change into morphing triangles, squares and diamonds (because the music is quite clean and precise and staccato.

Louderbach - Grace (Anxiety)

Imagine dropping a penny into water, and then imagine the process backwards repeated a thousand times.

Synesthesia is amazing.

If you liked that, buy these.
Always Check The Label:
Poker Flat Recordings
bPitch Control

Here's my alphabet for the record:

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Totally addicted to...

Big bassy electro. Not revoloutionary but if you like bass then these are for you. The clue is kinda in the title I guess.

DJ Barletta - Bass Live
DJ Barletta - Bass Live(Gingy Remix)
DJ Barletta - El Mo

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

les chansons de la nouvelle scene francaise (and the oldies too), und ein Deutsch Popsängerin

Credit: Myspace

Coralie Clement is a sultry French pop songstress defined under the chanson genre, however, I think her music is a pretty far cry from the likes of Edith Piaf and Jaques Brel. She has some Chanson-ic elements to her music. Shes been around for a bit now, but I just discovered her earlier music and it's absolutely beautiful; archaic twee fused with the coolness of surf-rock and quintessential latin-influenced old French music. It's impossible not to like, and is impeccably French. Oh, and guys - she's fucking hot.

Coralie Clément - Ca valait la peine

Credit: this is my own photo, taken with a Sainsbury's Basics range disposable camera. (Seriously)

If you liked the Noemi track (earlier post) and Coralie, try these 60s songstresses:

Zouzou - Il est parti comme il Ètait venu

Zouzou - Tu fais partie du passÈ
Zouzou's music reminds me of The Velvet Underground but sexier and Frencher.

France Gall - Laisse Tomber Les Filles

Jacqueline Taieb - Bienvenue Au Pays
These two are cheeky Ye-Ye girls, singing along to more upbeat pop.

Françoise Hardy - Mon amie le rose


By the way - look around Greenwich. Tom and I went into this record shop in Greenwich, and spent about 40 minutes to an hour rifling through all the bargain promos and found a massive amount of new and super-amazing music. We found: a Ratatat album, an Esser promo, Le Pop 2 (a collection of nouvelle French pop), some Clarky Cat, Busy P's 'Pedrophilia' EP, SebastiAn's MOTOR EP, Evil Nine - They Live (yeah, the albums were like £2 each!), Marco Carola Fabric 31 (absolute minimal goodness), Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams, and some new Lykke Li! And more. f u c k.
Here's the best of what we found:

Micachu - Golden Phone

Micachu is amazing. I've seen her live at DURRR and Pure Groove - this song is SO CATCHY AND GOOD. It's a great bit of simple pop music. I love this. Download this.

Ratatat - Mirando
Ratatat - Schiller
Ratatat are weird. Check them out!

Destroyer - Shooting Rockets (From The Desk Of Night's Ape)

This reminds me a bit of Bowie. He's a poet, and probably smokes loads of fags because his voice is a little croaky and strained (nowhere near Tom Waits though).

Holden - Tunis

More French pop! From Le Pop 2. It's one of those songs you listen to on your own whilst looking out of the window, or zoning out in the middle of a conversation at a party.

SebastiAn - Momy
Elastic band electro. 'nuff said.

IWASACUBSCOUT - I Hate Nightclubs

They're all broke up now. Bleepy indie-rock with straining vocals. They were on Abeano - check the label.

Busy P - To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)

Busy P - To Protect and Entertain (Mr Oizo Remix)
Busy P = electro maestro, founder of Ed Banger and Daft Punk's manager (IN CASE U DO-NO) + Crookers + Mr Oizo. 'nuff said again.

Matt John - Io

Minimal techno ear sex from Marco Carola's fabric (31).

Credit: Kitty Hoff's Myspace

I'm not being a racialist, but whoever thought the German language was sexy? Nobody. Ever. However, this foxy 20's flapper girl styled German songstress Kitty Hoff proved me wrong and pulled it off. Yeah!

Kitty Hoff - Blaue Stunde
Kitty Hoff - Toc Toc Toc

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Credit crunch beating nutritional advice

From Eat Skull's Myspace

In an interview for Population: Doug Eat Skull say their music ended up the way it is beacuse they wanted to be in two bands, a Californian style hardcore band and a Californian pop band, but unable to think of a name for the pop band they mashed all their ideas together under the banner originally intended for their hardcore project. The result was a fuzzy mess of lo-fi goodness. Check it.

Dead Families
Dawn In The Face
Punk Trips

Monday, 8 December 2008

Steve Lamacq gets bored easily

From the BBC

Last Thursday was Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day, I didn't know this till someone came up to me with a camera, thinking my camden market Pixies T-Shirt was a conscious decision and not a choice based on the scarcity of clean clothes in my room. What the hell, it gives me a reason to post a Pixies song.

Hey (Diplo Devil Remix) - Pixies