Tuesday, 16 September 2008

my mum's old records.

My mumsie was cleaning out the loft the other day and she finally came across her old records from her days spent down Greek Street in the late 70s, hanging out with Smoothies and listening to disco. At the time, underground clubs used to spin a load of obscure disco, funk, electropop, and reggae and ska tunes from all over the world. I've found some absolute fucking gems.

Yellow Magic Orchestra is a Japanese electropop band formed in the late 70s. Along with Kraftwerk, they've been said to be pioneers of early synthpop/technopop and electropop. I found this vinyl lurking in the back of the record case. This record is just so fucking cool. I put it on and heard these weird electronic outta-friggin'-space sounds and I couldn't believe this record was like 1980/81. Then this sick funky low beat kicked in with these Japanese-sounding melodies sprinkled over this hot-shit super cool low beat and all these electronic beeps and I was mesmerised. IT'S SO FUCKING AMAZING.

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game (Theme From Space Invaders)

(Pee-Ess. SORRY. But I've had to use zshare, ugh. I'll put it onto box.net a-sap, but i'm using a funny old computer at the momento.)

Next up, following the synth/tech/electropop stuff is a slice of those good old techno zealots Kraftwerk. A-side is Computer Love (recently covered by new electropop/death disco renaissance virtuosos Glass Candy, included in an earlier post of mine). (Factoid of the day: Coldplay used a sample of it in their really gash song 'Talk' from X&Y. Listen to it. It's there. Right at the beginning too. I can't believe Kraftwerk okayed it.)

B-side: she's a model and she's looking good, I'd like to take her home that's understood, hum-- hum hum hum-hum hum hum-- hum-hum

Kraftwerk - The Model

Cocomotion is a shit-hot disco tune, filled with SICK-AS disco beats. It's like a proper old-school back-in-the-day track because it's like 10 mins long. Oh, fuck it, just listen to it:

El Coco - Cocomotion

(Tom hates disco but ignore him because he smells.)

In Other News...Swedish Gangsters Use Dwarf Theives

i'm making noise in the li-bra-rreeee {updated: photos finally up}

Wednesday 27th August 2008

We trotted off to see Let's Tea Party last night in a completely-impossible-to-find place called Paradise in...oh crappycrapcrap where was it. West-ish. Kensal Green. The venue was WELL PRETTY (and the bands were good too).

At first in my head I was like oh dear, we're lost in a random part of London to see an obscure indie band or something that I've never heard of and we can't find the venue and we're going to miss the band and they might not even be worth seeing, etcetera, etcetera.
But they were fantastic. People were glancing back to their friends whilst standing and opening their eyes wide and raising their eyebrows and mouthing "they're really good" to one another. Like every five minutes.

First on was this shy fellow with a mixture of an American-Anglo accent I think, who played beautiful and chirpy sounds on guitars and ukuleles and sang about putting apple seeds in your eyes when you're a dead skeleton so apple trees can grow and you won't be completely useless when you're dead because you're really quite nutritional. He was called Lofty Heights. I just wanted to put him in my pocket and steal him. Like literally. I am a klepto.

Lofty Heights - Skeleton Apples

I was listening to his music as I watched the fringes of old lampshades up on the wall move in the summer wind and a pint of Scrumpy Jack's in my hand, holding onto my boy and looking at the people seated at the tables listening to this guy's soft guitar music with these sweet, honest lyrics and it was just a perfect summer evening for me. I sound GAY but it's true. Not many people were there but it wasn't empty. It was perfect.

{Edit: Check out Lofty's myspace again. He's used my review! Cheers, Loftyboy.}

(Haha. The Let's Tea Party myspace looks like a little kids party invite and when you scroll up the balloons look like they're going up. Awesome.)

Those multi-instrumentalist bastards of Let's Tea Party will make you feel talentless. Like when you see little kids with shit-hot mad skills and you think about your only achievements in life, which include grade 1 recorder and how you came 4th at Sports Day in year five and your mum was so proud. They whip out flutes, guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion instruments, whistles, traffic cones and clap their hands and stuff. They're just really inventive. It's not poppy whistley hoo-ha indie music although the singer walks around the stage bare-foot and their influences apparently include giggles and such things... But it's just awesome.

Let's Tea Party - Barcelona

Tuesday 26th August 2008

I took some photos at White Heat on Tuesday. Here are some of the friends I made:

I can't remember their names.

We saw Fucked Up too. Sick. I should see punk bands more often. The lead singer was cuddly and also a fucking mentalist. He wrapped tape around his face. It was like he was trying to be in Mummies Alive. Here he is:

There was a lot of tape going round. And crowd surfing. And jumping into the crowd from the stage. And climbing up the stair banisters. And jumping onto people. That was one of the best crowds ever. These little indie kids with their granddad's jumpers and Sebago boat shoes just all went mental. It was like Lord Of The Flies.

Fucked Up - Baiting The Public

Look at Tom's post below for their cover of Justice's 'Stress'. It's really well done! Seriously, take a little looksie.

Monday 25th August 2008

Boys Noize played at DURRR. We were so tired we were almost falling over but we just had to stay because leaving would have been the biggest regret of my life. I WANT the track list. I was like "I'm so tired I have to leave" because my eyes were closing and it was like "ok, after this song. No wait, after this one. No...just one more. Ok fuck it, let's make ourselves ill." IT WAS AMAZING. And worth feeling like you're going to collapse out of tiredness for two days afterwards.

A-Trak- Say Whoa (Boys Noize Remix)
Tiga - Move My Body (Boys Noize Remix)

PEE-ESS. You should buy their Bugged Out mix.

Wednesday 20th August 2008

I had a good night. Saw Yeasayer at King's College Union fo' FREE. I swiped a Grazia from the hotel nearby because I needed to use the bathroom and it was just there (score!) There were loads. Then, some guy just gave me a ticket for the Yeasayer gig when I was standing outside handing out bits of paper that nobody wants. They're worth like £10. (That's actually the second time someone has done that. This sweet boy at Underage Festival gave me 2 because he got stood up. Bless him.) So I left Tom standing outside in the rain, handing out flyers and drinking cheap cider whilst feeling ill to watch Yeasayer in the warm and dry for free.

Yeasayer - 2080

I have to say 2080 is my favouritist of their songs. Or maybe Sunrise. Or maybe them all. Their album is good. Everything that comes out of Brooklyn is.
Other Brooklyn artists j'taime include Saint Margaret (and Animal Collective, of course).

Yeasayer - Sunrise
Yeasayer- Sunrise (Hey Champ Remix)

Yeasayer make music like an experimental, psychedelic folk/alternative rock synth gospel at a funeral for Dracula, invoking a Satanical space-age tribal music cult initiation scene (and that isn't even nearly enough adjectives to describe it). It's just fucking strange. And am I wrong, or does the singer remind me of Phil Collins? They're what Grizzly Bear would sound like on 60 acid trips.

Yeasayer -Wait for the Wintertime

And then after that we decided it'd be a great idea to take advertisements for 'massages' and give them to anybody we found wandering the streets of Landan Tahn at 4 in the morning. I think the best one we found was for a 'New Hot Sexy Black American Transexual'. I kept that one.

In other news...Sex Pest Seal

Saturday, 13 September 2008

It's not just the E Talking

The Soulwax documentary has just come out in the UK on DVD. Fuck its good. Spliced together from footage shot on one camera over the course of 120 shows by SaamFarahmand and interviews with Erol Alkan, Tiga, Justice, James Murphy, Klaxons, Kitusen, Ed Banger etc.... SAAM has in the past done videos for Klaxons, These New Puritans and Late of the Pier amongst others and puts the skills he picked up there to create possibly the best piece of cinema on dance music ever. Its been shown at Pure Groove and DURRR recently, both of who know their shit if our word aint good enough. The DVD comes with a live CD which is fucking incredible. Its best listened to as a whole, the tracks mix perfectly into one another, so go get your hand on the whole package and play it loud.

{Me and Tom, after deciding we weren't going to go to Fabric that night, popped over to Pure Groove to watch the screening. Oh dearie me. I must say we regretted that decision. Yeah, don't watch this if you're deciding to stay in for the night. It'll pump yopu with so much adrenaline you may be at rick or your eyes bursting if you don't burn it all off. - Bella.}

From Live at Fabric and 120 other places:

Move My Body
Washing Up

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Necro 8-Bit?

From You Love Her Coz shes Dead's Myspace

Bleepy Bleepy Bleepy music loved by Kitsune. They are having to dodge Crystal Castle references left right and center and the comparison does, no matter how much they hate, make sense. Personally don't see that as a bad thing. They look and sound pretty fucking similar. You do get clearer vocals and from both members with YLHCSD though. Like CC they are pretty damn good at remixing other peoples work in their own style. Theres an interview with them over at OHH Crap! (link over on the left).

Me Versus You


Foals - Electric Bloom (YOU LOVE HER COZ SHES DEAD Remix)
Dizzee Rascal - Stand up Tall (YOU LOVE HER COZ SHES DEAD REMIX)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Pretorian Beeps

Bleepy dance music from South Africa. This guy has been making music for a while but is only now getting released outside of his home nation. Township Funk is out on Warp on the 15th September. According to Last.fm he got his break through when cab drivers discovered his music and began playing it to the people they picked up and selling them his cds. The music is simple patterns layered upon each other to create much more than the some of the parts. Pounding drums form the basis of most of his tracks with dark bassy synth lines over the top, then you get beeps and squeaks and occasionally vocals. Its all very rhythmic and kinda mesmerizing, have a listen.

Township Funk
Township Funk (Kalawa Remix)
Sgubhu Sa Pitori
DJ Plugs

Monday, 1 September 2008

Letting everybody know that I was coming last

Sportsday Megaphone has been around for a while but is only just releasing an album. Out at the end of September on Sunday Best . He plays quirky synth/guitar/laptop indie pop and creates distinctive remixes in a similar style. Really good fun and definitely worth seeing live. He cheered me up on Sunday after flash floods meant it took me 4 hours to get to fucking Watford where I only stayed for about an hour and a half, not sure what was worse the fact it took me so long to get there or that I had to go to Watford? Either way I forgot all about it watching his escapist little rants against Scientology and conformity. I am not posting any of his original tracks because you should go and buy his album when it comes out and get the tracks that way.

Remixes of Sportsday:

Body Fat (Nic Nell Remix)
Less and Less (GoodBooks Remix)
Bikini Atoll (Golab Remix)

Remixes by Sportsday:

The Rumble Strips - Alarm Clock (Sportsday Megaphone Remix)
Operator Please - Get What You Want (Sportsday Megaphone Remix)
Envelopes - Party (Sportsday Megaphone Remix)