Tuesday, 25 November 2008

No longer staying in big houses in the cuntry

goings-on in landan town.

Monday 24th November, 2008 at Metro

This pikcha was taken from Turbowolf's myspace. It's also a sticker. I put it on my phone, and thus now my phone is a turbophone.

Not that I usually go to Metro (i.e. avoid like ze plague), but I went with Tom to catch Turbowolf and Team Robespierre (we missed the other bands). Turbowolf are awesome, and Tom is a total fanboy, wandering around in a Turbowolf Ghengis Khan t-shirt with the biggest grin on his face when they were playing. I can see why - they're an ACE band. Firstly, they just look like a rock band. They really do. Secondly, they can all play their instruments insanely well. Thirdly, the frontman is a mentalist (PLUS, HE IS THE BEST-MOUSTACHIOED MAN EVER and hot), and lastly, they interact together and seem more like a band than people thrown together. Which isn't what I can say for Robespierre. The crowd (though small) was entirely non compos mentis and wanting more when they finished their set. They wanted to play more, cue some arguing with some guy out back, this guy said no, but the crowd got all rowdy and started screaming so they went 'fuck it!' and played another awesome song complete with screaming guitar riffs, pure violence inflicted on the drumkit and yowling and yelping and rolling around on the floor from the frontman. ACE!
Roadspierre were on next. They set up quite oddly - leaving the drummer on his own 3 meters behind them on the stage whilst the rest of the team set up their keyboards and mics on the floor in front. They started playing their set (punk, but faggier). The thing that annoyed me was that the frontman and one of the guitarists interacted so much, leaving the drummer and the other guitarist out (the poor fella!) This led me to think of them as two bestest buddies liking the idea of forming a band, and recruiting two other poor sods they can completely ignore whilst they just help them sound halfway decent. Oh well, I still nicked a badge. (They're from Brooklyn too - the only time this place has failed me recently.)

Turbowolf - Bite

Turbowolf - Power

Later at DURRR:

(I love DURRR). Video Nasties are always a bit of a laugh, but I was BLOWN OVER by These Are Powers. A three-piece band, with a guitarist having a great time jamming (jamming is the only and perfect adjective), a drummer (using a really cool piece of electronic kit), and a beautiful, tall girl singer dressed partly like a 70s bond villan and partly like she'd raided Marlene Dietrich's wardrobe. (Cue lesbo-crush). Anyway, they make music sounding like pulsating weird party noise girlishly shouted over. Oh that was terribly written. I'm just going to rely on you hearing it yourself to be honest. Hot shit.

These Are Powers - Chipping Ice

These Are Powers - Little Sisters of Beijing

VHS Deathscene is a boy (what I know) and his computer, based in the town of LANDAN (blud!), with a penchant for squeezing out shimmering, ghostly droplets of 8-bit that reminds me of the spooky levels on Mario 64. The pumping, twisted binary psychedelia is a little like Crystal Castles on magic mushrooms, or DMT perr-aps. (No website yet, folks.)

VHS Deathscene - Zombie Trash
VHS Deathscene - Magic Box

(P.S: zombies are ace.)

In Other News...check out THIS wacky guy!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Guessing this doesn't count as fashionably late?

Two bands today, one I was slow to post on and one I was slow to pick up on. Both are pretty fucking sick and hitting London for a string of dates in the near future.

First up are Vivian Girls (pictured above {if you hadn't worked that out give evolution a chance and don't reproduce}) who I have been listning too on repeat for a while now. Lo-Fi and punky and amazing and and and I fucking love them.

I believe in nothing
Going Insane

Second is Titus Andronicus. Again a bit messy, a bit shambolic, a bit brilliant. They're all literary and that as well, named after a play by some cunt, and with a song called Albert Camus.

Titus Andronicus
Waking Up Drunk

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Japanese Bitch Sampling

Something a little bit different today. I used to have the album Sample Bitch Story by DODDODO on my laptop but lost it due to technicalshitrapefuckwank. I found the promo for it a couple of days ago for 25p so I own a few of the tracks again. If you like your mental/japanese/sample-heavy/breakcore shit, then this is for you. She will be in London on the 16th December.

Waltz Core

WhiteHouse Disco

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Emerging from the fuzz

From Esser's Myspace

He used to be in Ladyfuzz (R.I.P), but has been making his own stuff for a while. Little indie pop songs which have a bit more edge live when Esser picks up his sticks again and lends a hand with the percussion. In the remix we have for you today though the beats are provided by Sheffields Toddla T and I for one am satisfied.

Esser - Satisfied (Toddla T and Ross Orton Remix)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Find yourself a new bassline boy....

From Drums of Deaths's Myspace

Saw Drums drop this as an encore at DURRR, sounded better through fuckoff speakers but this aint half bad.

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle ( Drums of Death 'Bassline Boy' Remix")