Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Italo-Disco (along with vintage electronica like Yellow Magic Orchestra, Moroder and Cerrone) has been popping its glittery head up everywhere recently, from blogland to clubs to trendy shops (like Colette in Paris).  20jazzfunkgreaks have been busy providing us with some gems of old and new for a while now, and Vice has cottoned on, resulting in a collaboration as some may recall.  DJs at White Light have dropped some classic disco nuggets into their sets, and a keen ear may also see similarities between the hard-to-find Italo-Disco favourite Dancing in the Dark (Galactica Remix) by Mike Maureen and Friendly Fires' Paris feat. Au Revoir Simone (Aeroplane Remix).  Italo-Disco fans include Ellen Allien and Mr. Flash, who have sampled Italo-Disco maestros such as Mr. White and Belle Epoque.  A true fan should take a look at Hotmix, a label that created the CBS (Cybernetic Broadcasting System), once a radio station active from 2002-2008 (now there's Intergalactic FM instead).  Hotmix is a label founded by I-F (remember Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass?) and other Dutch folks whose loins ache for Italo-Disco and with a penchant for rare, hard-to-find-on-vinyl and forgotten Disco and electronica gems of old.  I think 20JFG would cream all over the CBS Top 100, a round-up of the best-loved 100 tracks of a year (you can find them on the internet now, well worth downloading).  If you like Legowelt, Depeche Mode (ahh check out People Are People - I can't put up the mp3 LEST they lose any money), I-F (of course), early Kraftwerk and The Egyptian Lover, Bogdan Irkuk, Aeroplane, Glass Candy or Emperor Machine, then your pants will be made pleasurably damp.  

Top tracks from The CBS Top 100 of 2006:

Liked those?  Try these:

Thursday, 12 February 2009

I have been looking forward to this since I found out it was in the making. Less of an outright fucking club weapon than some of his other productions but still something special.

Esser - Work it out (A1 Bassline Remix)

Monday, 2 February 2009

Why do I bother

Every time I post a remix competition no one sends me shit. I know this is because no one reads this but I hope this time will be different. Here you can get the sound effects from street fighter 2 and if you've got mad skills you can win gaming stuff. Geekcore.