Sunday, 3 May 2009

why am I not revising?

Coming to terms with the hideous realisation that most of humanity is bathing in its own stupidity, I've been disenchanted with everything recently.  But then I heard these and then everything was okay.  Ish.

I'd heard of Deerhunter but never really bothered to check them out.  I really regret that now, because I've only just discovered Atlas Sound (It's the solo project of mister Bradford James Cox.)  I heard the track 'Recent Bedroom' and subsequently spent about 3 hours on Hype Machine stalking down some tracks.  Unlike Kevin Shields (WHY DON'T YOU MAKE MORE MUSIC), he churns out flocks of tracks that are put up on the Deerhunter/Atlas Sound blog
Bradford ^
He's kind of goofy-looking and I really want his children.  Looking at this photo gave me the impulse to simultaneously shrug my shoulders, tilt my head to the side, raise both eyebrows and smile with my mouth open.  Just for a second.  ha.  I bet you just did that if you were reading this alone.

His music is varied, from the finger-clickingly foot-tappingly jumping and clicking your heels together boo-doo-do-wah-dah-bap, dowahdowahdowahdowah-da-bap! 
sort of thing that's exhibited in the Atlas Sound remix of Stereolab (below), to blippy, abstract sounds reminiscent of Animal Collective, to the soft pluckings of gentle notes turned downwards by the whammy bar, with droning voices drowned out by breathy vocals addressing things you can identify with through experience but would rather not think about.  Probably.  I heard Atlas Sound is playing a basement party somewhere in New Cross soon too, so I'll tell news when I hear news, but keep it on the down-low, kapeesh?
Please listen to these songs.  They are really worth listening to.  And look at the Deerhunter/Atlas Sound blog too.

Simple, and incredible.
What an amazing song.  Eerie, narcotic (that was actually unintentional, ha), melancholic.
This reminds me of My Bloody Valentine in that the vocals are
 amalgmated with the droning guitars.
Reminds me of Air on The Virgin Suicides soundtrack.
Reminds me of David Vanderville/Saint Margaret.

You should listen to Crystal Stilts too.  They sound like surf music got depressed.  They're just brilliant.  You need to listen to them as much as Atlas Sound.

I do love whammy bars, a narcotic drum beat and a droning vocalist in a song.
This reminds me a bit of The Zombies, The Velvet Underground and the kind of surf music from that scene in which Travolta and Thurman danced to (I'm going to stick up for Tarantino soundtracks here)

Fun Fact: Frankie Rose (the drummer) is from the Vivian Girls.  

Grrr.  Why box net so slowyslowslow?

Image courtesy of the Internet.

I made a mixtape for my kitchen with a load of these tracks and others to go with them and my flatmates really actually fucking loved it.  They actually love me more for it.  Their love for me has grown bounds.  Really.  I think It's pretty good too.  Here's the tracklisting for those who want to copy.  Sorry I haven't put up mp3s but I think some would definitely get taken down.

1.  Stereolab - Neon Beanbag (Atlas Sound Southern Baptist Remix)
2.  Atlas Sound - Recent Bedroom
3.  Crystal Stilts - Graveyard Orbit
4.  Sic Alps - Sing Song Waitress
5.  The Concretes - Miss You
6.  Iggy Pop - Nazi Girlfriend 
(I can't believe Iggy Pop did a fucking insurance commercial)
7.  The Zombies - Leave Me Be
8.  Atlas Sound - River Card
9.  My Bloody Valentine - Soon
10.  My Bloody Valentine - Slow
11.  Ringo Deathstarr - Swirly
Such a good name
12.  The 5,6,7,8's - Blue Radio
This is an incredible rock and roll record.  Just listen to it.  It's fucking amazing.  
13.  Atlas Sound - Cobwebs
14.  Atlas Sound - Requien For All The lonely Teenagers With Passed-Out Moms
15.  Atlas Sound - My Car
Look at my preposterous flouting of the rules of the mixtape!  Yes there is far too much of the same band.
16.  Crystal Stilts - Spiral Transit
17.  Mercury Rev - The Funny Bird


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